Research Faculty



Dr. S. S. Iyengar

Sensor networks & communications, distributed & parallel computing, and software engineering.






Dr. Kemal Akkaya

Smart Grid Communication Security, Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems, Topology Control in Ad Hoc Networks, Efficient Protocol Design for Internet-of-Things, and Energy-Efficient Multimedia Data Processing.






Dr. Bogdan Carbunar

Security, privacy and distributed systems, attacks and defenses against wireless and online social networks.

  • Mozhgan Azimpourkivi, PhD candidate
  • Mahmudu Rahman, PhD candidate
  • Mizanur Rahman, PhD candidate
  • Ian Terry, Undergraduate
  • Anita Wu, Undergraduate




Dr. Shu-Ching Chen

Multimedia data mining & security and disaster information management.

  • Zheng Cui, PhD awarded in 2013
  • Fausto Fleites, PhD candidate
  • Hsin-Yu Ha, PhD candidate
  • Zheng Li, PhD awarded in 2013
  • Yimin Yan, PhD candidate
  • Chunqiu Zeng, PhD candidate
  • Wubai Zhou, PhD candidate
  • Raul Garcia, BS awarded in 2014
  • Ana Laura Hernandez, BS awarded in 2014
  • Diana Machado, BS awarded in 2014
  • Adam Merille, Undergraduate
  • Ayme Morrina Lobato, BS awarded in 2014
  • Aqib Shah, Undergraduate



Dr. Jason Liu

Parallel and distributed simulation, high-performance modeling and simulation of computer systems and computer networks.

  • Miguel Erazo, PhD awarded in 2013
  • Ting Li, PhD awarded in 2014
  • Obaida Mohammed, PhD candidate
  • Rong Rong, PhD candidate
  • Musa Ahmed, Undergraduate
  • Fernando Dos Santos, Undergraduate
  • Fran Duarte, BS awarded in 2014
  • Rachelle Tobkes, Undergraduate



Dr. O. A. Mohammed

Energy cyber physical systems and the application communication and sensor networks for the distributed control of smart power grids.





Dr. Deng Pan

High speed computer networks, resource and energy efficiency in data center networks.

  • Omair Fatmi, PhD candiate
  • Wenrui Ma, PhD candidate
  • Dmite Levy, Undergraduate
  • Eric Zhou, Undergraduate




Dr. Niki Pissinou

Telecommunications and networking, security and privacy.






 Dr. Marek Rusinkiewicz







Dr. Arif I. Sarwat

Smart Grid, PHEV & EV Systems, High Penetration Renewable Systems, Power System Reliability, Large Scale Distributed Generation Integration, Central Command & Diagnostic Center, and Large Scale Data Analysis are some of his areas of research interest.





Dr. Geoffrey Smith

  •   Computer security, secure information flow.
  •   Barbara Espinoza, PhD awarded in 2014
  •   Ziyuan Meng, PhD awarded in 2014
  •   Daniel Costaesa, Undergraduate
  •   Alfredo Zellek, Undergraduate




The focus of his research is on cybersecurity with an emphasis on its practical and applied aspects.







Dr. Wei Zeng

Computational geometry for engineering and biomedicine, geometric analysis and its applications.

  • Abdur Rahman Bin Shahid, PhD candidate