The Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences at Florida International University (FIU) currently offers several undergraduate degree programs including Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology; and graduate degree programs including Master of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Information Technology, Master of Science in Telecommunications and Networking, and Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science.

A mission of CIERTA is to advance education in cyber infrastructure trust and assurance, through new courses and degree programs.  Courses will be offered for undergraduate and graduate students in KFSCIS and will be open to other interested students with proper background.  Some courses may be cross-listed with other departments (such as Mathematics and Statistics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Global and Sociocultural Studies).

Also in development is a new Master’s program in Cyber-Security, which will teach about both about existing security technologies as well as new foundations that enable rigorous security guarantees going far beyond current practice.