1/8-9/15 NSF-sponsored SwitchOn Workshop on Exploring and Strengthening U.S.-Brazil Collaborations in Future Internet Research

The first NSF-sponsored SwitchOn Workshop on Exploring and Strengthening U.S.-Brazil Collaborations in Future Internet Research will be held in Miami on January 8-9, 2015.   The main objective of this workshop is to explore collaborative research opportunities in Future Internet research between the U.S. and Brazil, and to contribute to a coordinated effort for supporting, strengthening, and growing research partnerships between the two countries. This workshop will specifically explore research collaborations in the following topic areas of Future Internet:
  1. Software-defined networking (SDN)
  2. Cyber-infrastructure
  3. GENI and other federated testbeds
  4. Cloud computing and data center networking

5/31/13: Drs. Carbunar and Zhao among four FIU professors awarded by U.S. Department of Defense for research totaling $2.1M

U.S. Department of Defense awards $2.1 million in grants to university. Dr. Carbunar will lead a project that aims to develop a system of collecting, tracking, and verifying data from mobile devices as well as designing, implementing, validating, and evaluating data protection techniques on mobile devices. Dr. Ming Zhao will lead a project aiming to address the research challenges for enforcing timeliness guarantees on virtual machines (VM) and efficient timeliness-driven resource management of virtualized systems, supporting scalable and flexible computing of applications with different degrees of timing constraints…
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4/15/13: Dr. Ming Zhao receives NSF CAREER Award

Dr. Ming Zhao recently received the prestigious NSF CAREER Award. The project is entitled “Coordinated QoS-Driven Management of Cloud Computing and Storage Resources”. To ensure that cloud users are comfortable with running their critical applications on shared infrastructures and that cloud providers can support economical performance-based service-level agreements, there is an increasingly urgent need for virtualized systems to deliver performance guarantees. And, as virtualization and cloud computing become pervasive, it is also important that these topics are taught in a systematic manner; especially to minority students served by this PI’s university. In order to address these challenges, this NSF CAREER project is creating a coordinated resource management framework that optimizes the allocations of cloud computing and storage resources according to application-desired Quality of Service (QoS). This project’s research outcomes will enable virtualized systems to support performance guarantees for modern applications with dynamic and complex behaviors. As a result, a broader range of applications with different QoS requirements will benefit from cloud computing, and cloud services will be able to offer their users more economical QoS-based charging models instead of the currently used resource-capacity-based models…
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CIERTA Seminar Series

Upcoming Events in the Fall

We are pleased to announce the following people to visit CIERTA in the Fall:

  • Dr. Evangelos Triantaphyllou from Louisiana State University (8/30)
  • Dr. Sartaj Sahni from University of Florida (9/20)
  • Dr. Shantenu Jha from Rutgers University (9/27)
  • Dr. Edward J Coyle from Georgia Tech (TBA)
  • Dr. Thomas Sterling from Indiana University (10/18)
  • Dr. Richard Brooks from Clemson University (TBA)
  • Dr. Philip C.-Y. Sheu from University of California, Irvine (TBA)
  • Dr. Richard Fujimoto from Georgia Institute of Technology (TBA)
  • Dr. Kalyan Perumalla from Oak Ridge National Lab (11/1)
  • Dr. Mondira Pant from Intel (TBA)
  • Dr. Ivan Rodero from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (TBA)
  • Dr. Stephan Eidenbenz from Los Alamos National Lab (TBA)
  • Dr. Richard Fujimoto from Georgia Tech (TBA)
  • Dr. Salim Hariri from University of Arizona (TBA)
  • Dr. Seelam Seetharami from IBM TJ Watson Research Center (TBA)

6/10/13: Peter Scheuermann (Northwestern University)

Peter Scheuermann is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Northwestern University. He has held visiting professor positions with the Free University of Amsterdam, the Technical University of Berlin, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich and University of Melbourne. During 1997-1998 he served as Program Director for Operating Systems at the NSF. Dr. Scheuermann has served on the editorial board of the Communications of ACM, The VLDB Journal, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering and is currently an associate editor of Data and Knowledge Engineering, Wireless Network and the new ACM Trans. on Spatial Algorithms and Systems. Among his professional activities, he has served as General chair of the ACM-SIGMOD Conference in 1988, General Chair of the ER ‘2003 Conference and more recently as Program Co-Chair of the ACM-SIGPATIAL conference in 2009. He was a member of the ACM-SIGMOD advisory board, and prior to this he chaired the ACM-SIGMOD awards committee His research interests are in spatio-temporal databases, mobile computing, sensor networks and data mining. He has published more than 140 journal and conference papers. His research has been funded by NSF, NASA, HP, Northrop Grumman, and BEA, among others. Peter Scheuermann is a Fellow of IEEE and AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science).
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4/12/13: Nageswara S. V. Rao from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Nageswara S. V. Rao is a Corporate Fellow in Computer Science and Mathematics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where he joined in 1993. He was on assignment at Missile Defense Agency as the Technical Director of C2BMC Knowledge Center during 2008-2010. He received B.Tech from National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India in Electronics and Communications Engineering in 1982, M.E. in Computer Science and Automation from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India in 1984, and PhD in Computer Science from Louisiana State University in 1988. He published more than 300 technical conference and journal papers in the areas of sensor networks, information fusion and high-performance networking. He is a Fellow of IEEE, and received 2005 IEEE Technical Achievement Award for his contributions to information fusion area. His research projects have been funded by multiple federal agencies including National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency…
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2/22/13: Elisa Bertino from Purdue University

Elisa Bertino is professor of computer science at Purdue University, and serves as Director of Purdue Cyber Center and Research Director of the Center for Information and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS). Prior to joining Purdue in 2004, she was a professor and department head at the Department of Computer Science and Communication of the University of Milan. She has been a visiting researcher at the IBM Research Laboratory (now Almaden) in San Jose, at the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation, at Rutgers University, at Telcordia Technologies. Her recent research focuses on database security, digital identity management, policy systems, and security for web services. She is a Fellow of ACM and of IEEE. She received the IEEE Computer Society 2002 Technical Achievement Award and the IEEE Computer Society 2005 Kanai Award. She a member of the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, and IEEE Security & Privacy. She is currently serving as chair of the ACM Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control (ACM SIGSAC)…
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